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​Our Yucasabe crackers are made from cassava (yucca). Cassava is a root vegetable that is enjoyed worldwide and is a main starch crop. Casabe is the final product of a process that eliminates most of the starch, leaving mostly complex carbohydrates and fiber. With millions of Americans facing problems such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, we at Yucasabe have found a way to get this healthy snack to all. Several reasons make Yucasabe a great choice for the health conscious; one of the benefits being that it has only one ingredient. Our crackers are an excellent choice for HCG snacks, or for any healthy eating diet. As a snack, cassava bread is a great substitution to normal bread decreasing your total caloric count throughout the day. There are no preservatives, fillers, or artificial flavors in our products. The cassava (yucca) undergoes a process that culminates in a crunchy cracker that can be paired with natural fruit spreads, other healthy dips, or can be enjoyed straight from the box. With this cracker’s unique, neutral flavor, the possibilities of preparation are endless.

We at Yucasabe want to bring Casabe to the attention of the world as it has properties that have long been overlooked. Our Physicians are committed to provide our customers with a tasteful alternative to other high sugar and zero fiber snacks. The consumption of high fat, high sugar and low fiber diets in America have led to the obesity epidemic in the US. Our team at Yucasabe have found a way to bring you conveniently a fat free, low calorie product with a good source of fiber that is gluten free tied all into one crunchy cracker.